Luján del Milagro Stud Farm

About The Breed

What makes this animal different from other equine breeds in the world is its typical intermediate speed gait, which in other animals is a trot. This gait, or mode of movement, is the lateral trot or walk and is called the lateral gait in its most typical pace, but it can move at different paces and speeds, which in turn can be executed by the same animal.

During the execution of these fine gaits, the horse has a singular and exceptionally smooth horizontal balance, while other horses are balanced both horizontally and vertically. This makes for an especially pleasant ride. Smoothness is one of the fundamental and most appreciated features in this breed.

It is important to point out that the Peruvian Paso Horse has the greatest number of extremities on the ground during its harmonic pace of movement, resulting in greater propulsion.

Its hardiness, together with its mechanics of motion, gives the Peruvian Paso Horse greater average performance during long distance riding.

Over a span of more than four hundred years, the breeders of Paso Horses have raised one of the most beautiful breeds. The result is an exceptional combination that includes comfort, hardiness, strength, endurance, luster and beauty in a single breed which is the world’s best saddle horse: THE PERUVIAN PASO HORSE.